Physical Therapy


Physical Therapists are movement experts whose job includes evaluation, consultation, and treatment of a wide variety of movement disorders in children from cerebral palsy, developmental delays, gait (walking) abnormalities, torticollis, and injuries such as strains, sprains, ligament or muscle tears.


What type of services do Physical Therapists at Kids First Therapy offer?

Our Physical Therapists use their unique expertise to help children participate and function in every aspect of their daily lives with the highest level of independence. To achieve this, Kids First Therapy’s Physical Therapists address the following areas:


  • Stretching & Strengthening: Increasing the length and strength in muscles through unique games and activities designed just for kids.


  • Endurance: The ability to perform activities for a sustained period of time while maintaining a healthy heart rate, blood pressure, and respiratory rate. Endurance activities for children include: walking, running, and riding a bike.


  • Coordination: The body’s ability to combine movements in a manner that is well timed, smooth, and efficient. Coordination involves the integration numerous body systems including the sensory system, the musculoskeletal system, and the nervous system.


  • Orthotics and prosthetics: Our therapists help children obtain cranial remolding helmets, trunk supports, hand splints, foot orthotics, and prosthetics to improve their function and independence.


  • Gross Motor Skills: Coordinated movements involving large muscle groups within the body. Gross Motor Skills include: sitting, crawling, walking, running, skipping, and jumping.


  • Balance: The ability to maintain an upright and midline posture during stationary or movement activities. Children must develop both static and dynamic balance to be able to participate in everyday tasks such as walking.


  • Gait Training: Improving efficiency, gait pattern, and alignment during walking.


  • Motor Planning: The ability to plan and execute a task.


  • Adaptive Equipment: Our therapists help children obtain devices, such as wheelchairs, gait trainers, standers, activity chairs, and bath chairs, that can be used to help them complete activities.

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