Speech Therapy


Speech Language Pathologists specialize in communication and oral motor function that affects feeding and swallowing. In the field of pediatrics their job includes evaluation, consultation, and treatment of a wide variety of communication disorders and swallowing/feeding disorders. Their goal is to help their patients function in their daily lives with the highest level of independence.


What services do Speech Language Pathologists at Kids First Therapy offer?

Our Speech Language Pathologists use their unique expertise to help children with communication and swallowing disorder in the following ways:

  • Receptive Language Therapy: To improve a child’s understanding of words spoken to them.


  • Articulation Therapy: To improve the mechanics of how a child produces sounds and words.


  • Augmentative Communication: To assist children in obtaining and using augmentative communication devices when they are unable to produce the words themselves. Our therapists have experience with a wide range of devices including iPads, Dynavox, and switches.


  • Expressive Language Therapy: To improve a child’s ability to use words to express their wants, needs, and ideas.


  • Voice Therapy: To improve a child’s quality of speech in areas such as pitch, fluency, or volume.


  • Oral Motor Therapy for Swallowing and Feeding: Normal and abnormal patterns of the lip, tongue, jaw and cheeks can occur in children with oral motor deficits. They may have difficulty with eating, drinking, swallowing, facial expression, and speech. With oral motor therapy SLPs are able improve a child’s oral strength and function making swallowing and eating safer and easier.

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